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In June 2010, the Geneva Art-Law Centre has launched a research funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF):

« Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Art-Law »

The potential of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods for the settlement of art-related disputes has continuously been gaining international consideration. In fact, ADR mechanisms are often more appropriate than traditional court litigation as they enable the parties to take into account “non-judicial” elements and to aim for a mutually satisfactory agreement, especially for claims related to the restitution of a cultural object.

This research study is registered by the SNSF Database (, which can be viewed by entering its title « Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and Cultural Property » in the “Full Text Research” field.

Research Goals

The research endeavors to highlight the benefits of ADR in the art-law sector and to examine the reasons and decisive criteria that have led the parties to opt for an « out-of-court settlement ». Further, it aims to analyze the practical, ethical and legal consequences they may have compared to court litigation.

Research Outputs

Logo Arthemis
  • The creation of ArThemis, a fully searchable database containing case notes about disputes over cultural property. The case notes focus on the settlement of disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) but also examine judicial decisions. The case notes are accompanied by pertinent documents, including judgments, published agreements, pictures, etc. To access ArThemis follow: .

  • The publication of a reference book and/or articles.
  • The organization of workshops and conferences, such as the workshop and conference organized on November 10 and 11, 2011.

Publications in relation to the research

  • Chechi, Alessandro, “Plurality and Coordination of Dispute Settlement Methods in the Field of Cultural Heritage”, in Francioni F. and Gordley J. (eds.), Enforcing International Cultural Property Law, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013, p. 177 ff.

  • Chechi, Alessandro, “The Role of Domestic Courts in Resolving Restitution Cases: Unveiling Judicial Strategies for Culture-Sensitive Settlements”, in Renold Marc-André, Chechi Alessandro et Bandle Anne Laure (éds), Resolving Disputes in Cultural Property / La résolution des litiges en matière de biens culturels, Etudes en droit de l’art vol. 23, Genève: Schulthess, 2012, p. 147 ff.

  • Chechi, Alessandro, “Multi-Level Cooperation to Safeguard the Human Dimension of Cultural Heritage and to Secure the Return of Wrongfully Removed Cultural Objects”, in Lenzerini F. et Borelli S. (éds.), Cultural Heritage, Cultural Rights, Cultural Diversity. New Developments in International Law, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden/Boston, 2012, p. 347 ff.

  • Chechi, Alessandro, “Evaluating the Establishment of an International Cultural Heritage Court”, in Art Antiquity and Law, April 2013, p. 31 ff.

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  • Bandle Anne Laure and Theurich Sarah, « Alternative Dispute Resolution and Art-Law – A New Research Project of the Geneva Art-Law Centre », in: Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2011), pp. 28 - 41.
    Download the document (142 Kb, pdf)

  • Bandle Anne Laure, intervention at the “5th Legal, Security and Privacy Issues Conference (LSPI), 4th International Law and Trade Conference (ILTC) and 1st International Private Law Conference (IPLC)” in Barcelona, Spain, 2-5 November 2010, regarding an article entitled “Alternative Dispute Resolution and Art-Law – A New Research Project of the Geneva Art-Law Centre” (cit. above),

  • Cornu, Marie and Renold, Marc-André, New Developments in the Restitution of Cultural Property: Alternative Means of Dispute Settlement, International Journal of Cultural Property, Cambridge University Press, Vol. 17, Issue 1, pp. 1-31.
    Download the document (201 Kb, pdf)

  • Renold Marc-André, "Le droit de l'art et des biens culturels en Suisse : questions choisies", Revue de droit suisse (RDS), vol. 129 (2010) II, cahier 1, p. 137 et ss.
    Download the document (493 Kb, pdf)

  • Sarah Theurich, Alternative Dispute Resolution in Art and Cultural Heritage - Explored in the Context of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Work, in Kerstin Odendahl, Peter Johannes Weber (Eds.), Kulturgüterschutz - Kunstrecht - Kulturrecht, Festschrift für Kurt Siehr zum 75. Geburtstag aus dem Kreise des Doktoranden - und Habilitandenseminars „Kunst und Recht“, Schriften zum Kunst- und Kulturrecht, Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden, 2010, Volume 8, p. 569.
    Download the document (229 Kb, pdf)

  • Sarah Theurich, Recent Developments Around Alternative Dispute Resolution in Art and Cultural Heritage, in IBA Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee’s e-bulletin, December 2010,

  • Sarah Theurich, Update on Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Art and Cultural Heritage Sector, in IBA Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee’s e-bulletin, September 2009,

  • Sarah Theurich, Art and Cultural Heritage Dispute Resolution, WIPO Magazine, July 2009, Issue 4, p. 17,

Research team

Marc-André Renold

Prof. University of Geneva, Dr. iur., LL.M., Director Art-Law Centre.

Marc-André Renold studied at the Universities of Geneva and Basel in Switzerland and at Yale University in the USA. He is Professor of art and cultural heritage law at the University of Geneva. He is also Attorney-at-law, Member of the Geneva Bar. He is the author or co-author of several publications in the field of international and comparative art and cultural heritage law and has been, since its inception, an editor of the “Studies in Art Law” series.

Anne Laure Bandle

PhD candidate, MLaw (University of Fribourg).

Anne Laure Bandle is a legal researcher at the Art-Law Centre, University of Geneva and teaching assistant in art and cultural property law since July 2010. Under the supervision of Professor Marc-André Renold, she is currently writing a PhD on Art Auction Sale Disputes. She completed her bi-lingual Master studies at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies, organized by Georgetown University (Washington) in London.

Alessandro Chechi

PhD (2011), European University Institute (EUI); LLM (2003), University College London (UCL); J.D. (2001), University of Siena.

Alessandro Chechi is a Post-doctoral researcher at the Art-Law Centre, University of Geneva. He joined the ArThemis research team in July 2011 from the EUI, where he had defended his PhD thesis on the settlement of cultural heritage disputes in March 2011. Alessandro is lecturer in public international law at the Université Catholique of Lille. He is also reporter for Italy of the International Law in Domestic Courts – Oxford University Press project since 2007.

Ece Velioglu

PhD candidate in law, MA in Archaeology and History of Art (Koc University, Istanbul); BA in Law (Galatasaray University, Istanbul).

Ece Velioglu started her doctoral studies at the University of Geneva in September 2012. Under the supervision of Prof. Marc-André Renold, she deals in her thesis with the legal issues surrounding the illicit traffic of cultural property. Since October 2012, she works as a research assistant at the Art-Law Centre,University of Geneva for the ArThemis research.

Sarah Theurich

LL.M; Legal Staff at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, Geneva; PhD candidate and voluntary Researcher at the Art-Law Center, University of Geneva.

Sarah Theurich holds a Master in industrial property from the University Panthéon-Assas in Paris and an LL.M in intellectual property and arbitration from the Queen Mary University of London. Before joining WIPO in 2006, she worked in an intellectual property law firm in Paris.